Disclaimer: Please note any Affiliates are not our branch offices . Any client dealing with our affiliates have to perform individual due diligence before retaining services from them. We are associated with the affiliates for consultancy and provide information for Canadian immigration only.For retaining services through Global Settlement Visas for Immigration to Canada the retainer agreement will be undersigned by Global settlement Visas & ICCRC-RCIC 531489.

we are not recruiting company or registered as recruiters for jobs in Canada. Any one offering jobs in our name or producing alliance with us for securing job offers.. we don’t support the same and advise  to do due diligence in the matter.

GLOBAL VISA SETTLEMENT  PVT LTD.. company registered & operating  in Sri lanka is in no way connected or affiliated to us . Please do your due diligence before  entering into any contract with them.  based in Dubai ,UAE or India is not associated with us  in any manner or in any designation neither as partners/associates or our branch in UAE or India. Please do your due diligence before getting into any contract with them as we  dont  take any responsibilities of any kind for the  subjected company( ). If we represent your case  for any Immigration category for Canada, you will sign contract with  us and Sign IMM 5476 use of representation  from as prescribed by IRCC.